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The cheapest way to get the license!
Video of a training day during altitude flights (19th altitude flight)

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The package includes the complete training until you get the license. At the beginning you start with two days on the training hill (if necessary also more days) including a theoretical introduction. After this, there follow at least 50 altitude flights with radio assistance (you will be supported by the take-off assistant at the launch and during the flight and the landing by the flight instructor on the landing field).
Somewhen in between, you will attend the theory course (not mandatory, you can study it also on your own) and you will do the theory exam (mandatory). You finalize then your training by doing a practical exam and after it, you are a lincensed paragliding pilot.
15 to 20 days, no limit of altitude flights
at least 15 years of age, a little bit athletic, max. 110 kg body weight
See schedule: letter "Ü" for the first two days at the training hill / letter "H" for the other days during the altitude flights.
On request there are also additional training hill dates available if there is a group of interested pilots. 

At least 3 days before the desired training by the online form, registrations at short notice by phone 041 620 12 12041 620 12 12.
The first two days of training have to be announced in advanced for the training hill. The altitude training registration can be done then just at the preceeding evening before the training on our phone information line.
Weather informations on our Twitter-Account at preceeding evening at 9 p.m.

Inclusive equipment for the first 10 altitude flights and the theory course, exclusvie any taxes of the cable ways (app. CHF 10.-/travel) and  theory documentation (app. CHF 90.-)
  • type "flex": max. 12 months, April to October only altitude flights during the week
    CHF 1290.-
    only valid if you buy an equipement in our shop*
  • type "fast": max. 6 months
    CHF 1990.-  (apprentices/students/pupils CHF1790.-)
    only valid if you buy an equipement in our shop*
  • type "medium": max. 12 months
    CHF 2290.- 

    (apprentices/students/pupils CHF 2090.-)
    only valid if you buy an equipement in our shop*l 
All above listed types can be interrruped in case of special reasons by at least one month free of taxes if you announce it in advance. Announcements after the break cannot be considered anymore.
All of the types include additional trainings after having passed the license for maximal one year during the altitude flights.
* The equipment is included for the first 10 altitude flights. Afterwards you have to buy or rent an equipment in our shop. If you bring in your own equipment additional taxes of CHF 2000.- will be charged. This tax will be accounted in case you buy an own equipment within the next 3 years. If you bring in only parts of your own equipments, the additional tax depends on them (paraglider CHF 1300.-, harness CHF 350.-, rescue parachute CHF 350.-) This is also valid for any kind of vouchers!
If you use vouchers, please take care to book and finalize the trainings within the validity and duration time of the corresponding voucher. It is possible to extend the duration by an additonal tax of CHF 300.- for another 3 months.
All of the effective paid try-out arrangements (try-out day, fun day, weekend course, beginner course, winter course and basic course) will be taken into accoung within the next 12 month if you book a package. This is not valid for any kind of discounts or foreign vouchers. In case of doubts contat our office.
And additional information for pilot trainees: Information for pilot trainees


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